The one without fireworks

We’re now a few days into 2016 but still I want to say: Happy New Year! Writing this blog post I realized that I didn’t see any fireworks this year. I didn’t go to any big party in Taipei or Kaohsiung to be with a bunch of strangers, being poked by 23 different elbows during the course of the night. Instead I decided to stay in Tainan with my friends and visit a couple of different parties. You have to hand it to this city, somehow every body ends up in the same place. Everyone knows everyone and it’s huge community that comes together on every special occasion.

Happy New Year! You have to watch the video on your computer. 

I hope all of you had a great start into the new year, hopefully together with your family, friends, and loved ones. 

new year party 2016  tainan taiwan    


The one where the gang goes to Korner

Tonight will be something very special I believe. We’ll go to see German DJ Ben Klock in Taipei. 

Feel the vibe

Before  that we’ll check into our Airbnb which is hopefully as nice as the last one we stayed at. Let’s see. Afterwards we’re going to eat something in Ximen before we head over to a friends pole dance studio for some serious business talk. 

I’m pretty sure that I’ll have more pictures to share once the night life is getting started and all the beautiful people are floating through Taipeis streets. 


The one where drifters gets a cat

At least I hope I’ll see the cat again! One of the bartenders brought her cat to work, in a bag and on a leash! When she came in the bar was filled with “Ahs” and “Ohs” followed by “How cuuuuute”. Three month is she old and not afraid of people at all. I love this addition to the drifters family.  


The one with the zombies

It’s a long time that I posted something on here but I promise to do better in the future. This years Halloween was completely different from last years. We did a small pub run and visited a lot of different places to see people in the greatest costumes! Some only took a few minutes out of their busy schedule, others spent a lot of time perfecting their look. Here are some impressions from last night.  Looks like I only got one facial expression in my repertoire. 

I hope you had a great experience just like I did here in Tainan and that the scariest thing wasn’t the hangover the next day. 


The one with the amazing dinner

Of to a good start with a delayed boarding because of a late arrival of the airplane and then some sort of emergency with one of the passengers so we had to go back to the terminal. This inconvenience caused the airline to give a generous discount of 30 percent, excluding drinks, food, and the pen you might to buy to fill out your entry card.


Luckily we selected the seats at the emergency exit, otherwise I’d probably need to cut off my legs. The flight went by really fast, even though the plane comes without any sort of entertainment, unless you count the awkward smile of the stewardess.
I noticed the first difference to any other country when we arrived at the baggage claim: no one was standing in a big huddle, instead a lady working for the airline lifted the heavy luggage of the transportation band and placed it swiftly on the floor.


We brought our luggage to the car and drove on the left side of the road (first time for me) to Narumi’s home. Sadly her mom misplace the remote of the AC so our first night was a little colder than both of us had hoped for. Continue reading

The one where Tiantian leaves Taiwan

Yes that’s right I’m leaving Taiwan … because we’re flying to f*ing Japan! I still can’t believe it, I think until I hear everyone around me speak a language that I don’t understand I won’t realize it.
After our last breakfast in Taiwan for this month and a desperately needed cup of coffee we took the bus to Taoyuan so we’d be in time for our flight at 6 pm to Narita airport. As if the sun wanted to mock us it shone extra strong today and gave us a bright blue sky during our bus ride. In Japan we won’t be able to run around in a T-Shirt. We booked the tickets a while ago via vanilla air, really a fair price to go to Japan and since we’re staying with friends and family it’ll hopefully won’t leave us broke after two weeks.


We already checked-in our luggage and right now we’re anxiously waiting to board the plane to Japan. Even though I didn’t sleep much it’s impossible to fall asleep right now, so excited! ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ