The one where it rains every day

Oh my…, I shouldn’t have said anything! Just a few days ago I mentioned that this year we didn’t have a rainy season yet. Last year my friends from Germany visited me in May and it had been raining every day. 

Now we’re mid-June and the seasons catch up. Since exactly one week it’s been raining, at night and most of the time during the day. At night the wind is so strong and rattles on our windows only to be followed by a crescendo of rain drops pounding. 

So how do you spend your time now, when, as soon as you go out, your clothes are soaked? First of all: stop complaining. The temperatures dropped as well so it’s actually bearable to sleep without AC and being wet from the rain is still better than being sweaty by the slightest movement. I went out with Peggy to a Japanese restaurant. The food, the different beers and ciders were good but it took forever. We waited almost 90 minutes for our snacks to arrive, but because of the rain there was no other reason place that we could’ve walked to. We stayed and talked about movies, about the lack of good cinematography in recent works or the lack of a good plot to go with it (The Revenant). 

Outside decoration of the Japanese restaurant

Won the world beer award…can’t taste anything special

Empty bottles as decoration…or you could just recycle them.

The next day I spent mostly inside, but not watching Netflix or working projects this time. Instead we had a photo shoot in the studio. That was simply amazing and I learned a lot! The lighting was a bit tricky. The week before we had ambient light but the rain clouds let only little sunshine pass through. Sometimes we used flashes to fight the darkness, other times we embraced it and worked it into the pictures. I’ll post more of the results as soon as I finish editing. For now I published only two pictures. The rest will follow in a few days, once I had the time to process them. So be patient and check back soon to see more. 


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