The one about Gelato

Many people would say that Gelato is the Italian word for ice-cream, but it’s so much more. Gelato differs from what we believe is ice-cream in many ways. It’s made of natural ingredients, like nuts, herbs, and seasonal fruits, as well as fresh milk. It also comes as sorbet, meaning it’s also fit for vegans or people with allergies. Why am I talking about this so much?

Fort Gelato Cafe, so close to my home

There is a new amazing place in Tainan: Fort – Gelato Cafe. The owner Kiran learned how to make Gelato in the traditional way at its birthplace: in Italy. Now in Taiwan he offers amazing flavors that will make it hard for you to choose. Don’t worry, you can try each flavor first if you like. But be aware: since its homemade and all natural it means that Kiran is always making small batches and the ingredients will change. The next time you stop by he might not have the one you’ve been yearning for. Last time I went I tried Tiramisu and Blackberry Cheesecake. The Tiramisu is made with real ladyfingers and strong espresso, capturing the essence of this traditional dessert. Cheesecake is something I adore but seldom I found ice-cream that is made with cream cheese and cookie crumbles, just like I like to make it myself. Oh I almost forgot, it’s not ice-cream, it’s Gelato as Kiran keeps reminding his customers. Be sure to stop by if you’re in Tainan. Now the summer is here in sure you’ll appreciate the refreshing, creamy dessert. If you like coffee as much as I do then you should also try his Affogato, strong espresso with a scoop of Vanilla served in a martini glass. You can find his shop at No. 206 Section 2 Yongfu Road Tainan

Brownie Affogato and coffee

Classic Affogato

Be sure to check out his Facebook page and I’ll keep you posted about his party catering. I didn’t mention it yet? The studio opened and we’re going to have a party, Kiran also offers catering so we might try that.