The one with the new faces

The new semester is about to start. Finally I’m back to student life: getting up early, sitting in classes taking notes, working on group projects, and studying for exams. So many fun things that I can look forward too. Only problem so far: the class registration. Every semester the server collapses under the stream of students who want to add as many courses as possible within the first few minutes. This year the university changed that, kind of. They gave each department and each year a time slot when to register for classes. The problem here is that I was registered as a first year even though I’m not takin any first year course. Every class I was interested in was already full. Good thing we’re in Taiwan, there’s an easy fix for that: the department office can still register us for any class we want, as long as it’s within our department. Starting from next week my life will be ten times busier than it has been so far. No more sleeping in, basically every day I have a 9am class, sometimes I have classes from the morning till 6pm and after that I have to rush to my teaching job. That’s fine by me though, work hard now and live of the crop later. 加油!

The new semester also means that I’ll meet new people from all over the world…or at least South America and south east Asia, as people from those areas make up the majority of my peers in the Energy department. I’m happily looking forward to new adventures and experiences in the upcoming few month. Also I’m very excited to go back to Germany in the summer! The date isn’t fixed yet but it’s 70% safe that I’ll go. 


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