The one about the earthquake 

It was really confusing to be woken up by a shaking bed, you have no idea what’s going on and before you can have a clear thought it’s already over. The earthquake hit Tainan around 4 o’clock on Saturday. In our apartment was no damage, nothing fell of the walls or tables, so we went back to sleep. The next morning I had a couple of messages on my phone. Friends from all over the world asked me if I was alright. I had no idea how severe the earthquake was until I had a look at the newspapers. Taiwan normally doesn’t appear in international newspapers, the only incidents were of a sad nature: the stabbing in Taipei, the pipe explosion in Kaoshiung, and the fire in the amusement park close to Taipei. I’m glad that none of my friends or there family are directly affected by the earthquake. I hope that the Taiwanese army, police, firefighter, doctors, nurses, and other helpers manage this difficult time, right as Chinese New Year begins. 



Only damage I saw close to the Tainan Station.

On a happier note: my dear friend Kelly is back from Switzerland to Taiwan during the holidays! We met twice already to catch up and it’s so amazing, we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, but it’s like someone just hit the pause button and we continue right were we left off. 



Welcome back! Enjoy the time with your family!

Today we to a small artist village that’s close to our home. I never knew! During the next week they’ll have a creative night market with small handmade goods. I’m looking forward to it opening and also to take some more pictures there.  


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