The one with the rising sun

I haven’t written anything in a while now. The last time I updated this blog it was the night before the Paris attacks. The next morning there was a very weird feeling looking back over the night we spent partying in Taipei. Right after I woke up I checked my phone, the screen was filled with push notifications from multiple news apps, all of them reporting the same, gruesome thing that happened in another place of the world the exact same night. I made sure that my friends who are living in Paris weren’t effected by the events. The weeks afterwards I kept reading the news everyday, eager to find out what happened that night and trying to understand something that’s way to hard to understand. I didn’t feel like writing about this yet and I didn’t feel like sharing anything of what happened in Taipei either. I’m not sure if I felt guilty or I felt fear that this could’ve happened to us. Now I feel that enough time has past and even though I’m none the wiser I now feel like writing again. 
Today I went to the airport in Kaoshiung to fly to Japan. Since I’ve been there a couple of month ago I couldn’t wait to go again. The country, the people, and the language mesmerized me. My friend Katrina is accompanying me out of a spurt of spontaneity. She bought the ticket two days ago after Narumi and I convinced that this is the perfect time to go since she can stay with me at Narumi’s mother’s apartment. At the airport everything went smoothly apart from one guy who was furious that he couldn’t take his scissors with him into the plane. He asked if he could pick it up in Japan and they told him he needs to register it as checked luggage, after paying a fee of roughly 50$. I’m not sure if he threw them away in the end or was able to smuggle them in, but I didn’t expect someone to get so worked up over a 2$ pair of scissors. 

For my friend Sayuri and her husband in Japan I planned to buy a bottle of Kavalan whiskey, the one that is known to be the best whiskey in the world right now. In Tainan the said kind was sold out everywhere so I decided to wait and see if I could buy it at the airport. Turns out that was the right decision! I got the bottle I wanted and a gift two small Kavalan scotch-whiskey bottles for 30$ less than I would’ve paid in Tainan.  
Now we arrived safely in Japan and I can’t wait to explore more of Tokyo, yet again.