The one where the gang goes to Korner

Tonight will be something very special I believe. We’ll go to see German DJ Ben Klock in Taipei. 

Feel the vibe

Before  that we’ll check into our Airbnb which is hopefully as nice as the last one we stayed at. Let’s see. Afterwards we’re going to eat something in Ximen before we head over to a friends pole dance studio for some serious business talk. 

I’m pretty sure that I’ll have more pictures to share once the night life is getting started and all the beautiful people are floating through Taipeis streets. 



The one where we go to the gym

“I want to quit the gym!”, one of my favorite scenes from Friends and something a lot of people can relate to: paying a gym membership without ever showing up and being to comfortable to go down there, face the fact that you’ll never workout, and quit (one of many ideas stolen by HIMYM). 

Before we went to the gym we paid our tickets for Ben Klock, one of Berghains resident DJs, who’s coming to Taipei next week to grace Korner with his deep beats. If you want to get a taste of it then you should check out his latest mix for BBC One on soundcloud. Since he seldom uploads his mix it’s really something special. So enjoy one of Germany’s finest DJ, just like we’ll do next week. 

Why all of the sudden are we going to the gym again? Well, lately both of us didn’t find the time in our busy schedules to make room for yoga sessions. In addition to that most of our friends couldn’t make it either, which doesn’t necessarily add to our plummeting motivation. 

Our trial sessions cost us 160 NTD each, which, considering the fact that half an hour massage and a Herbalife shake are included, is absolutely fine. The gym was completely empty today, apart from three very attentive staff members. They gave us a tour and later also showed us how to use a few of their machines in case we didn’t really know how. 





Both of us started our training with a run on the tread mill to warm up before we continued to train specific muscle regions using the broad array of machines. We finished today’s session with a bit of yoga to relax out strained muscles. 

Back at home we enjoyed lovely soba with egg. I could eat it everyday and would get fed up by it. 


The one where drifters gets a cat

At least I hope I’ll see the cat again! One of the bartenders brought her cat to work, in a bag and on a leash! When she came in the bar was filled with “Ahs” and “Ohs” followed by “How cuuuuute”. Three month is she old and not afraid of people at all. I love this addition to the drifters family.  


The one with the zombies

It’s a long time that I posted something on here but I promise to do better in the future. This years Halloween was completely different from last years. We did a small pub run and visited a lot of different places to see people in the greatest costumes! Some only took a few minutes out of their busy schedule, others spent a lot of time perfecting their look. Here are some impressions from last night.  Looks like I only got one facial expression in my repertoire. 

I hope you had a great experience just like I did here in Tainan and that the scariest thing wasn’t the hangover the next day.