The one about #dutchpeoplelosingtheirshit

I have no idea if this is really a dutch thing or not but I know three cases now where fellow friends from the Netherlands lost something valuable here in Taiwan. One lost her drivers license, another her passport and the last one her phone, credit cards and ID (so all three are girls, just for your statistics). Luckily at least in one case the lost object was found!

Romy lost her phone after celebrating her birthday in Muse last thursday. She remembers having her phone with her in the cab but when I met her that night in front of the 7/11 she didn’t have it anymore. But if you’re looking for something you lost in a cab, good luck! She tried contacting the cab company and asked if someone found her phone, but it was hopeless. Over the course of the next few days all of us tried calling her phone again and again. Eventually it started ringing again which meant someone must have been charging it. After a day of desperate tries to reach her own phone the first wave of enthusiasm already declined and overshadowed the nice time we had in Kenting. Back in Tainan we tried calling Romy’s phone again…and someone answered! In fluent Chinese and without a word of English we weren’t able to communicate but luckily the receptionist of the prince dorm was there to rescue us.

Turns out the phone and credit cards have been dropped of at the police station in Anping. Anxious to get her phone back we shared a cab to the Anping police station and after a quick walk through different departments inside the building we ended up in the right spot. A few signatures later Romy finally got her phone back!

The police officers where all very nice and welcoming. With my basic Chinese I explained where we’re from and what we’re doing here in Tainan and got the surprising response from the police officer: “Guten Tag!”. A friend of his is able to speak a little German and taught him the basics. All of had a nice little talk, drank coffee together (Romy’s face made them realize that she’s not a big fan of coffee to say the least but she fought through to show how thankful she is). After all the official documents were signed and we were good to go, we went outside to take a victory selfie with Romy’s phone. Soon half of the staff joined us outside and either took pictures with all of or just the lucky, blond, dutch girl.




All of us were impressed by the friendliness and warmth we were greeted with. A big thanks to Po-hsiang Chen and his colleagues for all that they’ve done and the great service the provide to both Taiwanese citizens and foreigners.


The one about the weekend in Kenting

After a week filled with birthday’s (Tim, Fernand, Cindy and Romy) we decided to spend the weekend in Kenting and relax after all the partying. This Saturday started early because our train to Kaohsiung was leaving at 7:50 am and we were all pretty tired after a rather short night. The train we took was quite spacious, comfortable and ridiculously cheap (106 NTD), even though it was not as good as the bus I took to Tainan. Because we didn’t want to take the bus to Kenting we organized a taxi that would take us to Kenting for 400 NTD per person (later we found out it could have been cheaper). The taxi ride was the closest I’ll ever get to Paul, Sina and Fernand because all of us were practically sitting on each other. IMG_4310.JPG OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once we arrived in Kenting we checked into our hostel, I finally bought swimwear and we were ready to go to the beach! The beach is a lot nicer than Anping in Tainan and we spent our whole afternoon swimming, tanning and talking. For dinner we went to a decent Thai restaurant and pretty much everyone except Johannes and I since the food we got was different from what we ordered.


Not hungry anymore we strolled down the Main Street of Kenting and ended up a stylish pop-up bar where Jean served delicious drink out of her truck. We gave up on the plan to go to a strip club once we saw the girls dancing in there. Butterface doesn’t quite describe the looks of the employees. So we called it a night and went back to the Kenting Youth Hostel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   IMG_4348.JPG The next day began with a rather disappointing breakfast at Shark bites Toast (it’s too expensive for what you get and only average in taste). For the rest of the time of my stay in Kenting we went to the Kenting National Park which had a beautiful view over the coastline as well as interesting flora, fauna and caves. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4352.JPG At around 4 pm it was time for me to go and I shared my cab on my way back with Amrite, Johnny and Jina. Jina studies at the same university and they even had a meeting together. What a coincidence! Before I got on the train back to Tainan we got some tasty noodles in Kaohsiung together before the three of them took the bus back to their university and I the train back to mine. IMG_4353.JPGOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA