The one about relationship and friendship

Being apart from each other is always a test for a relationship. If your partner is just on the way to the store to run some errands it’s actually not that hard to deal with the situation. But as soon as a few hundred kilometers, or in the case of my friends here thousands of kilometers and 6 hours time difference, are between you and your loved one it’s really complicated. Trust and honesty are the pillars of every human interaction but especially important when it comes down to the connection of two persons.
Here in Tainan I can observe a lot of things happening to the people in relationships. The main issues are always the same, can I trust my partner and why doesn’t he trust me? It’s sort of a vicious cycle, everyone expects their partner to be the greater person, who’s never worried yet assures his or her love on a regular basis in a believable manner.
What’s hard for people outside of Asia to understand is that after a while you start craving physical contact. I don’t mean that in a sexual way. It’s not easy to just wave at each other all the time and never touch another human being. You might develop the urge for a simple hug or a pad on the shoulder. That’s where friends can help you out. I’m glad that I have people in my social circle here in Tainan that are not always keeping the distance of at least half a meter to you and it makes me feel the warmth I need to feel welcome in this place. The most important lesson I learned so far is just being honest about everything makes life a lot easier. There is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not. I’m really lucky that I found people that accept me the way I am and that I can share my thoughts, fears and feelings with, because this makes being here much nicer.
So far I’ve seen relationship trouble around every corner and most of it comes down to trust and honesty. Somehow everyone here feels free to do anything they like, without taking full responsibility for it. But being in a foreign country doesn’t mean your actions don’t count, only because your friends and family back home have no clue of what you’re doing. Just keep that in mind in your daily life and remain being a decent human being. Otherwise you’ll lose yourself in chaos and it won’t be easy coming back to which ever home country next year. On the other hand enjoy your stay abroad to the fullest and you can reinvent yourself, just keep an eye out on where you’re going and if it’s really the right direction for you.


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