The one about lectures

I hate mondays! That’s what Garfield is saying and never really agreed with him but on the first university day I couldn’t agree more. Enrollment started around 9 am, Fernand and I were supposed to meet Will around 9 40 am so we went out for breakfast first.

Turns out that this decision would cost us more than two hours of our life on earth. The line of people waiting to enroll was incredibly long and it took ages for them to process each student. Time passed slowly and around 6 pm in the evening we had all the signatures and stamps we needed and finally went home. We quickly changed and went to the gym we signed up for on the same day (only freakin 1200 NTD for one year, that’s what I call a bargain!).

The first classes in that week were a disaster! Either I didn’t find the room or they kept changing the website. At least the professors English was decent and I was able to keep track with little effort. Other lectures simply didn’t take place or they changed the language from English to Chinese (like History and Culture and Internet of Things). The only lecture I really liked was Design Thinking which teaches creative problem solving methods. All in all I’m looking forward to studying at the NCKU. Apart from the enrollment and changes in the course selection system the way lectures are held is good and seems like a lot of fun.

On Wednesday was the club expo at the university and we informed ourselves about the numerous activities they offer. Bartending, extreme sports, and the military/air soft club are just a few examples of how extravagant they are here in Taiwan. I decided to join the photography club and maybe I’ll check out the movie and archery clubs in the future. So far I have to say that here in Taiwan I can finally experience real student life with all the stuff going on in and around campus and not every one is studying mechanical engineering as opposed to Darmstadt.

Moving day was the most important day of the week and I was looking forward to this so much! Finally no more going back and forth between Prince Dorm and Ching-Yeh Dorm for Fernand and I. We moved together to the heart of the city, the top of the food street, the dorm next to everything, and that we arrived it totally deserves it’s name: the Prince Dorm.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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