The one about waiting

It was time to leave Taipei for a while, at least central Taipei. For the weekend I went to Ivy’s parents place in Danshui, close by the sea. I left Ivy’s apartment in the afternoon after packing my bags and writing in her guest book.
I arranged with Ivy to meet her after her work at Zhongshan station. I got of the MRT and it was like walking against a wall. It felt like the hottest day so far in Taiwan, close to 40 degrees Celsius. I fled into the closest cafe and stayed there for a couple of hours, waiting to be picked up. In most cafés in Taipei it’s incredibly noisy (Libero Café is an exception). I was lucky I had virtual company from B and apart from writing new blog entries I still had a good time.

Ivy met me there and we went out for dinner to Rosemary. The food was a taiwanese try on italian cuisine and I just loved the chili and garlic in my dish. It wasn’t even that expensive, only 180 NTD together with an incredible molten core chocolate cake!


In the evening we arrived in Danshui and went to bed soon after introducing myself to her family.
I’ll miss Taipei but I’m also looking forward to Tainan and it’s unique character as it has been described by many people I met.


One thought on “The one about waiting

  1. i love rosemary as well , their foods not only good but also very cheap 🙂 and yap… the most incredible desert is molten core chocolate cake!!!!!!!!!!! i love it ><

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